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Little about me today 2020 Date: Jun 2nd @ 3:59am EDT
Little about myself:

I am a really opened minded guy, cool and fun . Love to take good care of my body, love the gym , travel, and love sex heh, That’s why I am on cam, have lots of energy lol .
Lived in US or over 8 years, working between hotels and cam, I was able to build a nice house in my family’s Farm in Brazil.
Right now I moved to Brazil, in my own house, I have been doing cam for over 8 years, and since then I was able to accomplish lots of things, traveling the world and building my home, I have a big house with gym, swimming pool and all in a farm in the middle of Brazil, love it now, since the pandemic started , that’s the best place to be ..
Come to my live cam and know more, don’t be shy to ask anything, I am a very cool person . And know your needs hehe. Lets have fun .
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THIS IS WHAT A SLAVE TOLD ME AND I LIKED . I think you guys can read and imagine worshiping my size 12 feet .. If you liked this story come tell me so I can write more. And so I can show you my yellow soles . Btw if you check my fanc-lcub I have a great deal for you . lots of free videos for members only .
I didn't know what it was, but every time I got changed with the boys most of them slipped their socks off and it'd catch my eye. Watching their toes curl then spread and rub against the carpet as they were sweaty and their feet ached. oh how much I wanted to grab those feet and lick them clean. Then I found out it was known as a 'foot fetish'. I don't mind it in all fairness, it's just something that drives me crazy.

There was one guy that I was particularly interested in. His name was Tiago . He seemed like a nice kinda guy, but he was gorgeous from head to toe! I said hi to him, told him my name and we got talking. He told me that the early morning really hit him, and so he sat down. At this moment I didn't really think much of his feet, that was until he put them up on the table. All I can say from that is I instantly became hard. As I tried keeping the conversation going, my eyes could not leave the beautiful sight of his feet. I wondered what they looked like under those white socks and Rockport black shoes, and I started to pre. I then told Adam that I have to go as I've got to meet a friend and so I left.
FOR MY FANS INTO FEET ONLY Date: Feb 3rd @ 3:05am EST
HOW TO VIEW MY VIDEOS Date: Jan 31st @ 8:41am EST
CHECK MY BIO FOR THE DEALS Date: Jan 25th @ 6:36am EST
Hello guys.
I am back for good on the site and need to use my body and hot cock to make some good cash for my house construction.
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Have great weekend
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Second part
You’re dick’s been rock hard since I walked through that door”, I growled, “so don’t give me that shit. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your miserable little life, don’t you. Look at me, look at my muscles, feel my power, my strength. I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. You want to kneel at my feet and worship me with every fibre of your being, don’t you?” It was too much for the man, for any man, my presence was simply to strong, my body to incredible, my dominance to absolute. He was inferior to me in every way and he knew it. He nodded his head. “Yes”, he said eventually, no longer able to resist the inevitable. “Then drop to your knees and worship me”, I said. Without another word he fell to his knees, he reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of my muscle packed thighs. “My God”, he gasped “you’re muscles are like steel”
“Kiss them weakling”, worship my body with your lips, your tongue. His ministrations soon had my dick hardening, and it began to push obscenely against my trunks as it grew. “Remove my trunks”, I commanded and he immediately began to peel them off me, freeing my spectacular cock and balls. His girlfriend almost fainted as she watched my dick expand to its full length of sixteen inches. Frank could only stare in awe. He would never have believed that any man’s dick could be so long, so wide, so incredibly hard. He looked down at his own erect dick tenting the front of his shorts, harder than it had ever been and oozing precum, yet its eight inches was insignificant next to my supreme appendage. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, forcing my dick into his
Back online after while Date: Jan 24th @ 5:38am EST
I like this and will turn yo so much too

The man was standing with his girlfriend so he clearly wasn’t gay, but it made little difference to me. I wanted him so I would have him and neither his girlfriend nor his sexuality would offer any impediment. I waited till he looked my way once again and then I caught him in my gaze, my beautiful brown eyes boring into his, holding him captive. I walked towards him, keeping my eyes focused on his as I did. “Hi”, I said holding out my hand, “I’m Michael”. I took a deep breath, pushing out my rock hard pecs and tightening my washboard abs, the sight of my perfectly sculpted, muscular body caused him to stammer as he reached for my outstretched hand. “H…hi”, he said, I’m Frank”. I gripped his hand tightly causing him to wince in discomfort. I was using only a fraction of my power and he could tell immediately that my strength was so much greater than his own, as he registered my subtle display of dominance. I turned to the woman next to him and flashed her a dazzling smile, watching as she tried to fight back the lustful feelings my remarkable body was engendering within her. “Are you his girlfriend?” I asked bluntly, although it was clear that they were a couple. She hesitated, taking in the dense musculature of my torso before lowering her gaze to the large, obvious bulge in the tiny trunks I was wearing. If the poor sap hadn’t been standing right next to her she would have denied it, hoping that her availability would give her more of a chance with me, but she eventually nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Yes”, she whispered her voice full of regret. “Not any more”, I said, and her face lit up only to turn to shock as I finished. Frank’s my girlfriend now. I turned back, an evil grin on my face. “Isn’t that right little man
A great Motivation for you my guests Date: Oct 5th @ 7:57am EDT
it is safe to add credit card Date: Oct 5th @ 7:51am EDT
I am Tiago who is writing this. I know a lot of you come to my room as guest because you have some concern about using you personal credit card. I Am here to explain to you that is not problem using your card here .
I been doing cam for more than 5 years, never heard of a single customer complaining about over charge.. You pay for what you buy .
The company is very serious about this . They pay our commission on time, we never had a problem.
And the most important, on your credit card bill will never show PORN SITE . will appear other names that has nothing to do with webcam sites hahaha. I assure you.
Privacy is important for models and for you clients. I also use this site for trusting it so much, they offer me an option to block my home country as well states where I have people who might know me. I do not want my family to know..
So please be confident and come have some fun with me . I am live . every day. check my schedule and my videos on the BIO page . Thanks again

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